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Executive Order on Immigration: Strong Action, Uncertain Orders
by Countable
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  • Cathy

    You might want to check the "Alternative Facts" that Trump has used to help justify his Executive Order to ban immigrants from seven selected countries, predominantly Muslim. He and his minions keep citing a similar ban which Obama put into place in 2011 against these same seven countries. I listened this morning to an interview of Former Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken, who actually served in that position during the timeframe in question, and addressed this very issue. There was never an actual ban on those countries during that period. The issue of improved vetting procedures was brought about as a result of an incident involving 2 Iraqi refugees. After two Iraqi refugees were arrested in Bowling Green, Tennessee in 2011 for plotting to send Stinger missiles, cash, sniper rifles, and rocket propelled grenade launchers to Iraqi jihadists, a plot which never actually reached fruition, Homeland Security identified a gap in the screening process. One of the guys had been under investigation by the FBI within five months after he had entered the US and the other had an arrest record in Iraq which he had lied about during the previous vetting process. The Obama administration directed a six month review of the entire vetting process and correction to the existing procedures. There was no ban on Iraqis or immigrants from any other country from entering, just a slow down while the vetting process was rigorously expanded to include more extensive biographic and biometric checks and to identify any new derogatory information which existed since the initial checks were done. The vetting process takes roughly two years to complete. For the Trump administration to compare their ban of those seven countries to what was done in 2011 by Obama is a sham. The chaos and fear they are creating in this country and abroad is a disgrace to our Democractic principles and will only result in like treatment with us by the world community. The real fact that Trump did not bother to include the Attorney General's Office, Homeland Security or the FBI in his ill conceived decision have only made matters worse. Calls to your Senators and Representatives are critical to getting this nightmare of an administration under control. I am calling my Senators and Congressman to demand action on their part to rein in the Executive Branch activities which are creating an International Diplomatic nightmare. I didn't realize that this country had elected a "King" who would disregard his responsibility to work with the other two branches of government, his behavior is frighteningly out of control. Although, as I write this comment I hear that White House is now blaming everyone, but themselves for the fiasco concerning both the Muslim ban (after all, let's call it what Trump called it throughout his election run).

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