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The DC: 🥓Imposing a tax on red meat, and... ⚕️ Are firearm deaths a public health concern?
by Countable
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  • Michael

    This whole idea of taxing goods in order to socially engineer society and coerce people into doing what you want is completely totalitarian. It’s absolutely un-American. It’s also engaging in a war against the poor, because the rich and middle class can afford it. The poor are the ones that will need to do without. We’re supposed to be trying to make things better for the poor not worse, but that’s what liberal progressives policies do, make things worse for the poor. This is a word of warning for people who desire to surrender their healthcare choices to government control. When the government is paying, they are going to decide what care you get or don’t get, and they will also have the power to tell you how to live because they are paying for your healthcare.

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