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Do You Want the Democrat-Controlled House to Pursue Gun-Control Legislation?
by Countable
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  • Ben
    Voted Yes

    Until we make DRASTIC decisions pertaining to guns in this country these instances of murder and mass shootings will not go away. In my opinion, all guns except single shot hand guns for home protection and single shot rifles for hunting should be banned, destroyed, turned in, etc. immediately. I personally do not even agree with the aforementioned single shot weapons, but I understand that I live in America and it is part of the culture. That being said, it is now up to you to make the hard decision. You can be a politician or you can be a human. There is no longer room for middle ground when it comes to guns in America. The second amendment is archaic and has no bearing on modern day society. Please stand up for life. Rid us of this danger. Protect my children in places that I cannot. NO MORE UNNECESSARY DEATH IN THIS COUNTRY!


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