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The DC: Gunman kills 12 in California bar, and... Should the House investigate possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia?
by Countable
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  • Rob

    SneakyPete is actually wrong here: Robert Mueller’s search has linked trumps campaign manager PaulManafort and a prominent pro trump lobbyist rick gates to: money laundering, conspiracy against the state(I don’t even know what that is), violation of FARA. He indicted (which means to charge with a crime) 13 Russian officials and 3 Russian companies for spreading of propoganda designed to divide. His investigations show the trump campaign was involved with Russians, had meetings with Russians during the election, and high level officials were directed to meet with Russians. Bc we are intelligent humans, we can deduce that if trumps whole campaign was involved in it, trump was too. #MAGA

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