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Report: Trump to Close Border, Deny Asylum to Members of Migrant Caravan
by Axios
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  • Joanna

    California was just determined to "accidentally" register to vote 1500 NON CITIZENS! Jerry Brown said he can not tell us if "Non Citizens" voted. WHAT. All this time they are going on about Russian Collusion, they already knew it NEVER HAPPENED. SURE RUSSIA TRIED TO INTERFERE thats not the same as Trump asking them to interfere and these Democrats know that. Clinton is the one who paid a different country to interfere. I asked Swalwell about this before and he assured me it couldn't happen then talked down to me, he is an asshole! He ran on promising Americans he would protect the border. Now Harris said if they make it to CA they are residents and then they will get the support all Americans get. We know in the Caravan there are people who have been deported multiple times, and a guy who was deported for Attempted MURDER these people claiming we need to allow them asylum we already did 1500 completed the process properly, the rest are carrying their flag and burning ours. Democrats open your eyes, first its let DACA go to college for free give them CA Drivers licenses now its open our borders to anyone.

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