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Caravan of Honduran Immigrants Advances Into Mexico - Should Trump 'Close Our Southern Border'?
by Axios
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  • Mark

    People if someone broke into your house and lived there without your permission would you allow them to keep living there because your house was better and safer then theirs no of course not. So why is it different with our country. If I wanted to immigrate to another country such as Japan I would have to ask permission and go through a process to be allowed in. I believe in immigration our country was built by immigrants but we have proper methods for that and should and need to uphold the law and get everyone entering the country to be properly vetted. It took my cousin in law 5 years to come from the Middle East and get his citizenship but he did it LEGALLY. If these people tore down a border crossing they obviously don’t value the law or property and need to be prevented from entering. I’m glad we finally have a president that’s not afraid of doing something time to activate the national guard and end this madness. Build the wall and have people ask before they come in.

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