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How Can the Minority Party Use the Separation of Powers to Their Advantage?
by Countable
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  • Ron

    Use every power at your disposal to press for investigations into Russian hacking and ethics violations by Trump and his nominees. I am counting on you not to soft-pedal on important issues like these, as well as reproductive rights, gender equality, civil rights and protecting our environment. Save the affordable care act and do not allow repeal without a suitable replacement. Put country before party, however, and certainly ahead of big money donors (like the pharmaceutical industries). Fight to correct gerrymandering so that elections are truly free and fair. Though Congress is held by the Republican majority each of you have ways to fight for us and hold this government accountable to us all. We are counting on you and I will be actively engaged in the years ahead to make sure you and your actions are held to account. Be very mindful of future elections. Mid term elections are two years in the future. Also Congress did not do their job by putting a new SCOTUS in place during the last administration. If I as an employee did not do my job and meet my professional duties and responsibilities I would be fired from employment! Thank you for standing up for those of us who are disenfranchised by this current executive administration!

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