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Committee Watch: Confirmation Hearings for 6 More Judicial Nominations
by Countable
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  • Claude

    It’s not going to do any good talking to these three Trump Stooges. We’re going to tell them in the #midterm2018 elections. By then one, Ted Cruze will be History. We will take care of that Mitch Mcconnell following John Cornyn next. He thinks he works for McConnell and not Texas. Just wait and see. Their total commitment to a Sexual Pervert in the Oval Office will come home to Roost! we’ll be through with the Perverted and Embarrassing events coming out of the Republican Washington. Also, Can you believe that put a Sexual Pervert on the Supreme Court? How low can they go? Well, see y’all in November. Register then Vote Democratic. Save America from the Male Chauvinist Sexual Perverts and their sympathizers.

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