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Influx of Migrants Overwhelm Detention Facilities in Arizona – Time to Revisit Detention Policy?
by Axios
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    Work with Mexico to build facilities on the Mexican side. Release all of the prisoners that are not violent and were only locked up because Republicans didn’t like the color of their skin or whatever unethical reason Republicans fabricated to make money off prisoners. Then utilize the prisons for this application. Put the migrants to work remodeling he facilities, so that they are more hospitable for families and children, like a camp. Make sure to remove the steel bars from the rooms (cells). Go after all of the unethical Republican businesses that continue to hire illegal immigrants. The fines charged to these companies could fund the entire immigration solutions. Fine them 10% of total revenue for each illegal they have hired, even if it may bankrupt the company. Another ethical company will come in and operate morally and ethically.

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