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Report Finds Cyber Vulnerabilities in U.S. Military Weapons Systems – Does the Pentagon Need to Prioritize Cybersecurity?
by Axios
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  • Matthew
    Voted Yes

    Having served in the military I've seen some of these cybersecurity vulnerabilities exploited first-hand. This is an acquisitions problem, a communications problem (leadership doesn't see or understand the breadth or depth of these vulnerabilities), and a structural problem. If you asked me, we need a dedicated cyber force way before we need a space force. The space threat is merely an arms race/cold war right now- more of a theoretical threat. However, we are already actively at war on the cyber front, and we are at a huge disadvantage in this arena. We have a bunch of infantry generals and flyboys deciding our military priorities, and they don't have a damn clue just serious their cyber blind spot is. We're surviving on the cyber front in spite of our military leadership, not because of it, and that needs to change.

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