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UPDATE: Senate Confirms Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court
by Countable
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  • Heidi
    Voted Nay

    This confirmation vote matters to me because we as a nation need the integrity of the Judicial branch to be ethical and non partisan in order to provide the needed checks and balances in our government. I had serious doubts that Kavanaugh would provide non partisan rulings based on his previous work. He did not do any litigation and only provided political postions. After the allegations in the second hearing he responded with explosive and extremely disrespectful behavior. It has also been proven that he lied under oath and in the second hearing about big and little things. All this shows him to be unfit for the job of a justice. For the Bar, the Jesuits, and now a retired Justice to say that his nomination should be removed supports the many voters who want a NO vote.

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