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A List of the People the FBI Interviewed in Their Kavanaugh Probe – Tell Your Senators How to Vote on His Nomination
by Countable
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  • Heidi
    Voted Oppose

    While one of these people is lying, either Ford or Kavanaugh, and I firmly believe that there are two sides to every story and the truth typically falls in the middle, one outcome of this past week that we should not forget is that while testifying Kavanaugh showed that he cannot be non-partisan as he attacked the Democrats during his testimony. I understand being mad about false accusations however if he was truly Supreme Court material he should have testified and shown that he can take a step back from his emotions and show he’s fit for office. What he did was throw a tantrum and that’s not what we need or want in someone who’s poised to sit on the highest court for a lifetime. Please listen to the people and do not vote for this man in spite of these allegations to prove something to his accusers, vote no because he’s proven he’s not able to be nonpartisan and is not fit for the Supreme Court.

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