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The DC: 🔍 FBI's Kavanaugh investigation, and... ⏱ Do we need age caps for Congress?
by Countable
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  • Richard

    Well again I m in the minority but I'm very comfortable here. in this forum conservatives are the minority. Let me say that the good doctor again had no evidence, three of the witnesses have said that they weren't there or knew nothing. But the liberal Democrats and radicals want to accept the principal that since he is a man and she is a woman that her claim must be judicated to be true. What happened to innocent until proven guility, the fact that it is impossible to prove the negative (innocence). Both presentations were very good. The only thing I felt was that she had a host of helpers advising here, she seemed to be reciting or reading prepared statements. The judge was by himself and had no advisors and his presentation had the same emotional content as the good Dr. The difference is the liberal-democrats are only interested in destroying a judge with an impeccable judicery record, his wife and their two girls. Not because he is a bad choice for the supreme court but his main flaw is the duly elected president selected him to be elevated to the supreme court. And he has the terrible judicial attitude that he believes in the constitution and how it is written. He will rule only on that and not any political agenda, left or right. This is what we should be looking for, a non political controlled judge with no political agenda. The liberal-democrats on the other hand are only interested in getting their power back and discrediting any one who makes their own decisions and not just what they decide are politically correct. He also has stated that the judicial branch, especislly the supreme court should not be making law, that is the job job the duly elected legislative branch..Their only function, as stated in the constitution, should be to determine the constitutionally correctness of any law bought before them. The liberal-democrats has truly endeavored to destroy this candidate with such ferocity as has never been seen before. Who ever is found to be out abd out lying and all of their advisors, supporting and directing this crucifixion should be investigated and if found inditiable should be bought up on charges. This would include even elected polititions and their party officials. Term limits are truly needed and the polititions need to go re-read their sworn to pledges of office and it's duties. Your first job is to suppirt the constitution, all of our laws and this countries legal citizens. That should be their first agenda and quit putting petty political interests first. They are supposed to work for America and not just for their Political parties and the fnancng for their next reelection.

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