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UN: World Approaching Climate Change ‘Tipping Point’: Should U.S. Take Stronger Action?
by Countable
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  • William

    I know everyone is going to say yes we should, and in a way they are right. Everyone is also going to blame the President and say it was a bad move for backing out of the Paris Climate Accord. However, it was actually a good move to back out. Here’s the thing, the free market and private industry are actually doing a whole heck of a lot to combat climate change. It just doesn’t get any press because it doesn’t fit the narrative. It’s not politicians and big government to the rescue. Resent studies have actually shown the United States has been making better progress and reducing CO2 emissions, whereas the countries that are still part of the Paris agreement have actually been doing worse. They are going backwards while the US is improving despite what everyone says or thinks about the President.

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