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The DC: ⚖️ Kavanaugh faces the Senate Judiciary Committee and... 📢 Should protesting be illegal?
by Countable
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  • Kelly

    Protesting should not be illegal. It’s freedom of speech and freedom to react to the atrocities of our government and complicity in our Congress to do nothing about a criminal president. The hearings for Kavanaugh are a waste of time. He should not be near any court in the land. He has clearly been bought by Trump. And picked to make sure that Trump Allowed to play some self above the law. Vote no to Kavanaugh. There should be no hearings at all to fill the seat until we know what kind of a president we’re dealing with and whether or not he will even be in office in the next year. Personally I think it should be held open until our next president is elected just like the Republicans did to Obama.

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