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Should the Trump Administration Continue Denying Passports to Latino Citizens it Suspects of Fraud?
by Countable
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  • Claude

    Trump should try denying Passports to those posing a threat to National Security. People like Jarred Kushner, who wanted meetings with the Russian at their Secret Seychelles Drop-Point, and the use of Russian Diplomatic Spy communications equipment to bypass America’s Intelligence Community, who’s tasked with protecting this Nation from foreign threats like Putin and Russia. Then there’s Donald Jr. Involved in all types of Spying missions with the Russians. Most famous, Trump Tower, where Trump directed the meeting via Conference Call. Don’t forget Jeff Sessions Secret meetings then lying to Congress. So, if Trump starts jerking passports with his own Administration, America will be much safer. Truth be told, Trump and the Republicans show no concern for America’s National Security. They throw out a lot of insignificant Red-Meat to that Deplorable Base. In the meantime, Russia is Controlling the Oval Office. With the consent of the Republican Congress. DOES PUTIN HAVE SOMETHING ON ALL OF THEM?


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