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Should the Trump Administration Continue Denying Passports to Latino Citizens it Suspects of Fraud?
by Countable
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  • JTK

    A great example of how fake news gets perpetuated. Way to go countable. Before commenting you should know what is not mentioned in the summary. 1. This is not a new policy under trump. The State Department has been reviewing and denying passports to about 25% of applicants with midwife birth certificates since at least the Bush administration, including during all 8 years of the Obama administration. 2. Passport denials in 2017 under this policy we’re actually fewer that in 2015 and 2016 under Obama. Of course we never heard anything about this then. Now the media is reporting this like it’s something evil that Trump started. Finally, all that said, we might just pause for a moment and ask ourselves why the State Department might be doing this? Could it be that maybe they have better information than the critics that are suddenly condemning the policy. Personally, I’d rather trust the State Department than the media reporting this story.

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