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Mother of Toddler Who Died After ICE Detainment Sues for $60 Million - Do We Need to Reform the Family Detention System?
by Countable
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  • Lynnie

    So many things here. This young mother fled the violence of her home country, trying to provide a safer life for her young child. Instead of providing the asylum they sought, they were packed into a detention center in substandard and unhealthy conditions and treated like animals. The child was assessed on arrival and was HEALTHY~ a week later, she was gravely ill with a severe URI and high fever. According to peer review of the medical documentation by two other doctors, she received INADEQUATE care and was never seen by a physician. A child entered the facility healthy and left gravely ill. This is unacceptable. I have heard description of a holding area in one such facility by a 1st hand witness: approx 35 people packed into a room no bigger than a hospital room, no room for beds, no pillows, nada. Imagine.

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