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Mother of Toddler Who Died After ICE Detainment Sues for $60 Million - Do We Need to Reform the Family Detention System?
by Countable
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  • Paula
    Voted Yes

    As others have said, the current system is not only dysfunctional, it's evil. The first thing is the current administration's attitude towards people seeking asylum. These are not people sneaking in to get a better life (not a terrible thing in itself), but rather looking for protection from violence in their homes. So I say that the old system should be left as is - let the families live with family in the community in the US until their hearings are scheduled. They are NOT criminals! There are statistics showing that the overwhelming majority of asylum seekers show up for their hearings. There are other statistics proving that immigrants do not commit more crime than citizens. It's immoral to separate children from parents under any circumstances especially when the parents are not criminals. In addition, we now have the administration sending ICE to prevent legal Hispanics in particular, born in the US of legal parents, from getting a passport because they say their"birth certificates are fake!!! Every single day comes another unbelievable, enraging story of tRumP's "policies."

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