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Mother of Toddler Who Died After ICE Detainment Sues for $60 Million - Do We Need to Reform the Family Detention System?
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    The blanket policy of removing the children of crime suspects to government provided holding facilities assumes the government has the responsibility for the child's care, including medical care. If the government is not willing or able to provide that medical care, then it would be in the best interest of the child to incarcerate the child with the adult (parent?) who is incarcerated, waiting for an immigration court hearing. The time allowed for child incarceration under these conditions is only 20 days. Therefore, the only other solution is to deport the adult and child after 20 days in all circumstances. Require the adult to keep in touch with immigration officials as to when their case will be heard by an immigration judge. Allow the illegal alien to re-enter the U.S. only with court date documents within a reasonable time to attend the hearing. No catch and release necessary! No long term incarceration necessary! We have got to start acting smarter than the illegal aliens who are scamming our laws!

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