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Mother of Toddler Who Died After ICE Detainment Sues for $60 Million - Do We Need to Reform the Family Detention System?
by Countable
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  • KyleCorley
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    Yes, we could always reform the centers to make them better, but the real question is at what cost? Do taxpayers really want to pay more in taxes for illegal immigrants detention centers? The media and news outlets only want to share the information that a child died, but what kind of condition was the kid in when the family crossed over illegally. If your a liberal you will say sure I'll pay more money for the upgrades and conservatives will say no Americans should keep their money. A common sense person will ask what kind of condition was the kid in when their family was caught. Conservatives will also say let's spend more money to fix the system without a plan in place. A common sense person will agree the immigration system needs to be fixed, but we need a plan that both major parties will agree on where they lose some but in the end win some to help make America better and protected.

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