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John McCain Discontinues Medical Treatment
by Axios
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  • Ethel

    As I look back over many years, too young to totally understand World War II, however, listening to relatives who served in WWll, and of course Korean War and Vietnam Nam I remember. Realizing all our military soldiers who was captured and many died are heroes as much to be honored as Mr. McCain. In God’s eyes no one is better than others. Some may have a higher education and higher rank but the bottom line this does not make one more honorable than the foot soldier, etc. I do respect Mr. McCain and prayers for him and his family. I am 76 Young and I have come to look at all people serving in the military equal. Everyone has a job description along with a salary. I appreciate all military branches and in my heart honor all who were captured and feel for the loss of each in all families, regardless of degree, religion and race. They are definitely equal amongst each other.


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