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Pentagon: Chinese Military “Likely Training for Strikes” on U.S. Targets
by Countable
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  • Monica

    The way there is a new crisis every day, it’ll probably shock me when an actual war starts. Our so-called leader seems intent on creating more distractions, even at the risk of American lives, just so the many things he doesn’t want to happen are stalled or become less-important by comparison. I just find it hard to believe no one on either side of our divided government will take action to stop this pathetic president from jeopardizing all of our lives. I know the man is vengeful and would take action against someone who dared cross him, but he seems to be getting more and more unhinged. A nuclear war is not winnable. But who cares? Obviously not the powers that be. Washington’s swamp hasn’t exactly been drained, just turned into a giant sewer.


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