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Was Trump Correct in Revoking John Brennan's Security Clearance?
by Axios
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  • Daniel

    President Trump was absolutely correct in revoking Brennan’s security clearance due to Brennan’s outrageous politically motivated attacks on this sitting president. Brennan has betrayed his oath of office by repeatedly accusing President Trump of treason with absolutely zero evidence. Brennan proved his untrustworthiness by lying to the Congress on two occasions. More importantly, it will soon be revealed that Brennan was the mastermind, approved by Obama, of the Obama Deep State criminal conspiracy to prevent Trump from being elected, and then to frame him to result in Trump’s removal from office in the event that he was elected. Brennan is the most despicable, dangerous, and criminal CIA director in American history. For justice to be served, Brennan should soon be going to jail.


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