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Trump Tweets Condemnation of 'All Types of Racism' Ahead of Unite the Right Rally
by Axios
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  • Monica

    This President who said there were “good people” on both sides now wants to denounce racism? This president who wants to stop peaceful protests by mostly black NFL players? The same guy who implied that Don Lemon and Lebron James are stupid? It seems Trump takes exception to anything a black person does that he doesn’t like and wants to take extreme action against them in response. I didn’t really see Trump as a racist for a while, but when he seems to overreact to anything a black person does, I cannot see him as anything but a racist. I knew he was a sexist, that was very obvious from the start of his campaign and earlier. But I apologize to black people because it took me so long to see this man for what he is. As Lebron noted, Trump is trying to divide us. He may be succeeding due to mostly white sheeple who are either racists too or just unthinking members of the cult of Trump. The president is proficient at giving “alternate facts” which is why he could denounce racism vehemently. Look at his actions, not just the words.


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