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U.S. Adds Fewer Jobs Than Expected but Preserves Positive Streak
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  • Monica

    If the economy is so good, why are stores like JC Penney, Sears, Macy’s and similar having such a hard time? Why did ToysRUs close all of its stores? Yes, online buying from Amazon is part of it, but I keep wondering why the President ignores the store closures which are costing jobs for many people. I think I know why-because many of the people who work at these places are female. Our President only seems to care about white collar jobs for white males. People who worked at retail stores still need many new brick and mortar stores are opening lately? What are these displaced workers supposed to do for money? Every time I hear rumors of the demise of places like Best Buy or Barnes & Noble it makes me sad, for myself as a customer and anyone employed who will lose a job. It seems no one really mentions this problem. I guess it’s OK with the President because he has likely never set foot in a retail store and he wouldn’t miss them. I don’t want to shop online only, but that looks like the future shopping experience here. What will happen to all the vacant stores? (Maybe they can be made into low income housing and the former employees of brick and mortars can live there. ) I think the economy is good on paper, but it hasn’t really been good for most who are not wealthy. And I wonder what fellow retirees feel about it-I know I worry about cuts to Social Security and Medicare, and how the trade wars will effect items I need. Statistics are just numbers, but what I see is not indicative of a great economy.


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