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What We’re Watching: Trump vs. the “Enemy of the People”
by Axios
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  • Monica

    Yes, the media is supposed to report news as just news, not opinionated and distorted takes on the news. Enemy of the people? No, no matter how stilted CNN, FOX or any other news is, I would not say the media is the “enemy”.They are just giving us news, even if erroneous or “fake”. And It must be hard for news people to report anything about a leader who refuses to talk to them. Let’s get a real President who will talk to even those who criticize him, see if much of the leftist “fake news” disappears. Fox on the other hand is owned by someone who doesn’t want them reporting real news, so the right wing “Faux news” will not end anytime soon. It’s freedom of the press folks. You can always change the channel.


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