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Do You Support the DOJ’s New ‘Religious Liberty Task Force’?
by Countable
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  • Jane

    Like it or not this country was founded on Christianity. Christians do not take issue with someone who has their own religion. However, it is the Christians who’s freedom is currently most in danger right now. For all you people who claim “tolerance” on the left you applaud a Muslim who refuses to remove her burka because of her religion but condemn a Christian who doesn’t support a gay marriage based on his religion then turn around and claim you are fighting for justice for all? I would like the freedom to have my Christian based freedom without being condemned for it. I for one never thought in MY lifetime that I would have to fight for my Christian beliefs in America but here we are, exactly at that point. If it takes the DOJ to assure me that I can to practice a freedom that was supposed to be guaranteed in this country then so be it.

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