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“Stand Your Ground” Laws: What They Are, Why They’re Controversial
by Countable
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  • Claude

    Stand your ground is the legal loophole created to kill Black People and suffer no consequences. Travon Martin perused by George Zimmerman then attacked by him. Once Zimmerman started getting his ass kicked, he was in fear of his life. With this logic I can kill a lot of people I don’t like without consequences. Maybe even rob a store, then when the the store owner confronts me with his weapon that puts me in Fear of My Life, I kill him. Makes any sense? Neither did Zimmerman defense for Killing Trayvon. It was Murder. Then Police kills young Black man legally armed. The office was in fear of his Life only because the Black guy had a gun and told the officer he did. I guess the Black guy have no 2nd Adm Rights. Let’s call it what it is. Racist Legislation. Supported by a racist Administration and Racist Institutions. We call it institutional Racism. Passed on from one generation to the next. All assuming it to be Fair and Just only because their race and community isn’t affected.

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