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The DC: 🛃 463 unauthorized immigrant parents may have been deported without their kids, and... 🐊 Should the Trump admin overhaul the Endangered Species Act? 🐻
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  • Dana

    So these parents are deported and they said nothing about being separated from their children. It seems odd that these parents do nothing about being reunited with their children. None of this is Trumps fault. He is just following the our laws. These children were separated from their parents just like Obama did. They were not held in cages unlike those held during the Obama administration. So why the uproar against Trump and not against Obama. The hypocrisy of the left is duly noted. You lefties don’t care about these children (or you would have been just as angry when Obama did the same thing), you just love to hate Trump. It’s only criminal if Trump does it.

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