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The Daily Countable: 🔍 Should Congress investigate the conditions of child detention centers? and.. 🚼 Who owns embryos?
by Countable
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  • Dana

    I’m calling BS on the living conditions described by the children brought to this country illegally on the premises of “asylum”. Sounds like they were coached well on what to say. I have seen the pictures of their accommodations. They were nice accommodations especially for the kids in shithole countries. (I have a friend that is a border patrol). Children that supposedly come from the countries in which they need “asylum” would not complain about frozen food. Some children in America eat frozen dinners regularly and love them. These children were not mistreated, did not live in cages and did not live in filth. Now the pictures of children in cages are from 2014 which was Obama administration. I bet not one word was said about that. This is nothing more than the dems attempt at smear campaign of the republicans for the November elections. It infuriates me that these bold faced lies are circulating the media and knowing these children were coached on what to say. Only idiots would believe this crap.

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