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Tell Your Reps: Should Congress Censure Trump Over Russia? Hold Hearings? Pass Sanctions?
by Countable
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  • Dana

    You dems are absurd with rants about impeachment. President Trump hasn’t done anything to be impeached. What he said at the press conference with Putin was not treason. I hope the interpreter at their meeting would tell all. There is no conspiracy with Trump and Putin against America. There was no Russian collusion in the election. The Russians didn’t force any American to vote for Trump. The true patriots were sick of the way our country was headed as evidence of the 8 years of 44’s administration. You dems would be happy to live in a socialist America where we all depended on the government for our every need. Thank God Trump won. Carry on with your hatred and deranged obsessive thoughts of Trump and Russia. You have many more years to dream up new conspiracies. God bless America.

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