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What They're Saying: Trump Blasted After Press Conference with Putin
by Axios
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  • Ethel

    Look, When we needed Russia to help fight with USA during WW2 they were our friends. Come on people much rather see our President and Putin working toward world peace and frankly Mueller need to react to Putin ‘s invitation to come forth and investigate the 12 who is indicted to be meet in Russia since they are citizens in Russia. Putin says, Mueller and team are welcomed with all the evidence. This is fair and let’s see the evidence and conviction. Israel is elated over President Trump and President Putin plans to work toward peace and help Syria. I support President Trump. He loves America, the American people and yes, me whom Hillary called me a deplorable. I will never vote for a Democrats unless this party changes their non agreeable attitudes toward Republicans. God Bless you whether you agree with me or not.

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