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Should Risk Adjustment Payments Between Health Insurers be Preserved?
by Countable
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  • Dana

    Obamacare has done nothing but hurt our quality of healthcare and made Insurance too expensive for many who could afford it before. Those of you that think that single payer healthcare is the way to go have no idea what the quality of healthcare will be like. The poor had a way to be insured before Obamacare by the government. It is called Medicaid. The insurance premiums now for the middle class is so expensive that they are losing their insurance. I don’t see where there is anything right about that. I had to pay almost $1000/month for insurance after Obamacare. It went from $400/month to $1000/month. I had to cancel my insurance and go without insurance in between my nursing contracts. It is not fair or right to take away from some so that others could have insurance. The fact that I am a nurse and work in hospitals nationwide on a contract basis, I have seen first hand what Obamacare did to healthcare. A drop in the quality. It will only get worse if there is single payer healthcare. Nurse are not being taught on the same level anymore as they were in the past. It is frustrating. Be careful what you wish for. The healthcare providers with the experience and the drive will be gone. None of us with all the experience in healthcare will be working for the government.

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