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Report: Trump Administration Returning to 'Catch and Release' Strategy
by Axios
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  • Dana

    Even though these people are seeking asylum, by international law, they have to prove that it isn’t safe to be returned home. By international law, you don’t just show up at the border, claim that you are seeking asylum and other countries just have to take your word for. Just doesn’t work that way. Laws are made to be followed. You Dems are having a hissy fit about the fact that Trump is following US and international law. I bet there wouldn’t be one word from any of you if Hillary would have won and the same scenario was taking place and she was following the same laws Trump is following. (Quite funny thinking of Hillary following the law). Obama separated children from their families at the border and what did we hear about that? Not one peep from you Dems. You all are just a bunch of hypocrites.

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