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Report: Trump Administration Returning to 'Catch and Release' Strategy
by Axios
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  • Dana

    It doesn’t matter what Trump does, the left is going to whine and moan about it. You didn’t want families separated so now Trump comes up with a solution that makes sure the US government can track these undocumented (illegal) immigrants so the families can stay together and you lefties throw a tantrum. There is no way they need to just be released and taken at their word that they will show up for their court dates. It’s worked so well in the past, right. These people broke the law. Somehow the government needs to keep track of them. It is not to be demeaning or racist as you left say. It is to make sure they show up for court. If you have a problem with these ankle bracelets then why don’t you sponsor a family or 2? With so many of you that whine about any and everything Trump does about these illegals then there should be plenty of you Dems to sponsor everyone of them and make sure they make it to court. But I bet none of would even consider because your butts would be arrested if they didn’t make their court dates.

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