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The Daily Countable: đź“śWhat happens if Roe v. Wade is overturned? and... đź’µTrump freezes payments required by Obamacaređź’Š
by Countable
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  • Joel

    He has already made public he will not be actively trying to change precedent. More judges would need to be replaced to get a writ of certiorari through the 4 Justice process. That said the 14th amendment is a weak argument vs the governments purpose to protect life, liberty, and property so it is a legitimate concern if it gets a review. There’s a reason life is listed first. For ever 1000 women 12 get an abortion according to the CDC. Thats forty million annually and 65 million pounds of death we dispose of. We need some restriction to appease conservative voters that doesn’t make it illegal to appease liberal voters if it does get reviewed. Abortion up to birth aka the Democratic Party platform is why so many liberals don’t vote Democrat. It’s ridiculous. In a world where the government has replaced the markets in so much we still have to argue for it to fulfill its few legitimate purposes.


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