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On This Date: FDR's National Labor Relations Act Took Effect
by Countable
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  • Dave

    The depression was in 1929! 1934 was when this was sign in to law. The NLRB was suggested by the federal reserve to congress to help prevent market crash and the help equality, balance and stabilize of wealth and work place safety. Other thing were suggested by the federal reserve, but we are turning back the clock. One need to remember government are to govern, corporation are dictatorship, the combination is a tyrants. That is why citizens United is dangerous to the freedom of a democracy. Union, governments and corporations need to have check and balances, also for the same reason there is a separation of church and state, there need to be a separations of corporations and state! If there is any dark government, it would be corporations and it's influence it has on religion and government around the world!

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