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On This Date: FDR's National Labor Relations Act Took Effect
by Countable
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  • Dara

    It is unfortunate employees today don’t recognize the benefits of THEIR unions. They fraternize with employers to benefit themselves rather than ALL employees. My union affords me healthcare, paid sick leave, family leave, due process, wage increases for all, retirement benefits, and the list goes on. My siste’s union has all of the above PLUS life-balance days, education days, education credits, and her list goes on. Thank you FDR for employee rights. Unfortunately with the aid of last weeks SCOTUS decision to deny collection of dues and uninformed employees they have eroded this right. Right to work states have done the same. I choose not to work without due process, collective bargaining, and all of my other negotiated rights. Those of you eroding these rights need to remember the employees that came before you that sacrificed to afford a middle class. SAD.

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