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Trump’s New Immigration Demand: No Due Process for Border Crossers
by Axios
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  • Joanna

    this case some of you cited Zadvydas v Davis is not relevant to illegal immigrants being caught and deported immediately. Learn to read a case and understand if the case is Precedent or not and look at the dissenting opinions. The sad thing is the littigants in the case are criminal illegal aliens and their country wouldn't take them back so the case is about if the US has to give detained illegal aliens due process who have already been here it is not about illegal aliens who were just caught 2 seconds ago. And by the way, Trump did say he would uphold the constitution which itself has a legal way of coming to the us coming here illegally is not upholding the law and many illegal aliens bring drugs just like the ones in the case that some bright person cited... such a bad criminal history their countries of origin refused to take them back...


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