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Tell Your Reps: Should Private Companies Run Immigration Detention Centers?
by Countable
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  • Dana

    Do you libtards realize the pictures of these kids in the detention centers are pictures from back during the Obama administration. It isn’t what is going on now. The MSM are using photos from 2014 (Obama administration) and claiming that this is what’s going on today. And you libs bought it hook, line and sinker. We all know y’all will still blame Trump even though Obama did urge same thing but worse. Yet there was no outrage towards Obama. You all are nothing but hypocrites. The blame for what is going on at the border now goes to the parents of these children and no one else. Trump is enforcing the laws that were written over 2 decades ago. Y’all are so blinded with hate that you can’t put the blame for this situation right where it belongs. The families that brought their children along to break our laws by illegally crossing our borders. Would you bring your children along with you to illegally cross the borders into Mexico or Canada if you knew what would happen if you were caught. Don’t think so. Stop with your whining, demands and temper tantrums.

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