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Tell Your Reps: What Do You Think of “Tender Age” Shelters?
by Countable
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  • Dana

    Stop blaming Trump when the blame goes to the parents of these children. Are these parents too dumb to understand zero tolerance? They got their children into this mess but no, you libs, have got to blame Trump. Zero tolerance is a good thing. Borders are there for a reason. These people shouldn’t just get to walk into this country. If they are asylum seekers then they should follow international law. Go to the first embassy of safety. I’m guessing that’s Mexico. If they are seeking asylum, let Mexico handle it. America needs to take care of our own first. We have too many homeless people. And if one child goes to bed hungry that is one too many. Many of those kids going to bed hungry probably has a parent in prison. Where is the outrage in that.

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