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GOP Reveals ‘Compromise’ Immigration Bill
by Countable
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  • Ethan

    This “compromise” is bullshit. These assholes are intentionally causing irreparable harm to Children in order to get funding for a different idiotic pet project that will cost us Billions of dollars for absolutely nothing except to prove we’re moronic bigots. This whole build a wall bullshit has been tried before and it Never works to do anything. It didn’t work for the Romans against the Scots, it didn’t work for the Eastern Bloc to keep people from migrating to the West, and they had snipers and used lethal force. Are we going to become the same kind of society that kills people for even daring to go near this wall? because that’s what is going to be required along all the thousands of miles of this monstrosity. The only thing these asshats want is to get their way and build this idiotic wall and they’re obviously willing to cause massive trauma in Children to get their way. We cannot allow the willingness to use children as a weapon to force us into evils. If this works here, what will they do next and to what end? In Vietnam Nam, Iraq, and Afghanistan the insurgents use children as a means of infiltration, to get close to us or to get our convoys to stop. If we allow that, hundreds or thousands can die. This isn’t as extreme as that but it’s the same tactic. Use our hearts and consciences against us to get their way no matter what. Don’t give in. Please.


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