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More Lawmakers See Marijuana as an Alternative to Opioids
by Axios
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  • Ethan

    I’m a 100% Service Connected Disabled Combat Veteran. I’ve been prescribed opiates for chronic pain since 2007, I hate how they make me feel and refuse to take them unless absolutely necessary as they don’t really do anything but treat the pain and if I don’t feel it, I am likely to exacerbate my injury. When my state, CA, legalized the use of marijuana, I found a salve that Works to both ease my pain and keep my mind sharp. This allows me to have a better quality of life, do things without fear of hurting myself more, and not take as many opiates. The Only downside is that it’s prohibitively expensive. At $50 for 4oz I can’t afford to use it as often as I need for my pain. I don’t ingest it and there’s no possibility of getting any kind of high from this medicine. I can’t get it from the VA because it’s still federally illegal. That’s just stupid. Thousands of Veterans could have much better lives and take fewer drugs if we legalize marijuana.


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