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Republicans, First Ladies Speak Out Against Child Separation: What Do You Have to Say?
by Countable
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  • Joel

    If you cannot separate children temporarily to criminally charge people then you effectively have open borders for all parents.12,500,000 illegals populate our 326,676,718 known citizens. You might call it a problem when one in twenty people you see are not identified criminals. All we did before was overlook families that immigrated illegally and charged lone individuals. Sound fair? Trump’s zero tolerance is just so the hammer of justice falls equally on all adult criminals. You can campaign for open borders all you want but don’t think this wasn’t an underhanded method for democrats to have pseudo-open borders finally backfiring now. If kids can survive gang violence and poverty they can survive a day in the first world waiting room for pending charges. How can families avoid this? Go to a port of entry and request asylum. We spend 135 billion dollars on these non citizens in taxes and only receive 19 billion back. You wanna talk deficits? Australia does the same offshore so what’s with the double standards UN?


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