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U.K. to Require Firms Justify Pay Gap Between Bosses and Staff – Should We?
by Countable
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  • Joel

    I’ll tell you why. Executives have scalable labor with company growth while an average worker produces a fairly consistent non-scalable amount of economic capital. The most efficient workers rise up and become executives. CEOs are literally worth more than average workers. Now the thing is executives are swapped out constantly and people move up all the time. (I’m excluding business owners of course.) It’s is still somewhat economic law that this be the case. The only thing proven to cure the Pareto effect of inequality are also horsemen of the apocalypse if you get my meaning. In the end it’s not the businesses’ responsibility to justify anything. It’s that kind of wording that you deserve more that feeds into pathological equity doctrine. If we want freedom we need to actually value it. We have labor standards already being enforced, we have a minimum wage. We don’t need the state to have further involvement. It’s illiberal.


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