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UN Report Explores “Extreme Poverty” in U.S., Says Trump Policies Hurt Poor
by Countable
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  • Joel

    The UN forgot to mention that the 5% was previously 10%. Being poor while young and wealthy when old is how capitalism works. (Law of accumulation.) You can’t eliminate inequality and it’s not a problem either. The real problem is absolute poverty, which is in decline. And homelessness, which is a problem especially in California as of late. Also healthcare is not a right but a good that needs to be treated as such to evolve with coming research. That is such a thing to say too after benefiting from American research. Our healthcare is in the worst place right now but the progressive bias is so strong in this article towards socialization it’s ridiculous. There is a reason Canadians come here for important treatments. And privatization has a real argument with its glaring success in fields like optometry. At this point I think we should stop funding the UN. It’s just an anti American organization. I’m not even anti globalist really, I just hate the UN specifically.

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