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by United State of Women
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  • Phillip

    yES BLACK WOMEN ARE MORE LIKELY TO BE INCARSERATED, BUT THAT IS ABOUT RIGHT. WHEN 13% OF THE POPULATION IS RESPONSABLE FOR 90% OF CRIME THEN THAT SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT. AND YES BLACKS BECAUSE OF THERE UP BRINGING ARE DOING FAR MORE CRIMES. HOW EVER WE DO SEEM TO HAVE A REAL PROBLEM IN THE US. OUR GOVERNMENT TRYS DAILY TO TRAP US FOR COURT. Think this through, the US houses 25% of all world inmates, thats a crime because we only make up 5% of world population. they say we are a country of laws, well it just proves where stupid enough to vote for 400 people who do nothing but make more and more of life illegal, and that is nothing more than an attack on American citizens

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