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The Daily Countable: 📈 Suicide rates are up across the U.S. and... 🏚 Raising rents on the poor
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  • Joel

    Our culture has fundamentally shifted from one of responsibility and success to one of nihilism and failure. The poverty rates have been halved from 2000-2012, and obesity is a bigger problem than starvation. Still we have increasing suicide rates. This is not something you can leave at the feet of some policy, it is cultural. We are criticizing young men for taking their place in the world while hating masculinity. We are disorienting women in the world and for what? We attack religious institutions and destroy the helpful traditions as well as the oppressive ones so now our people are lost. The structures of our beliefs are being torn down. Our student debt cannot be filed for bankruptcy so it’s indistinguishable from indentured servitude. Healthcare is in the worst place between socialist and private but won’t shift to either. This isn’t a Republican or Democrat issue. If you address it at that resolution you are just being complacent.

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