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Interior Dept. Moves to Allow Bear Hunting with Bacon, Doughnuts
by Countable
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  • Melissa

    Humanity is so bad for our world. I give up on us. I am rooting for the animals to get us back into control. Without empathy or openness to others we are negative. If we are only here to rape and own, I don’t agree. I am pretty sure we are here to love and be helpful to others in need and learn to understand as much as we can. If those who think we know enough to eradicate fellow inhabitants of this world, rule, then I will do everything in my power to turn it around. Please say NO to hate and things that separate us from each other. We are best when we act and move as one caring energy. We can be so much better when we slow down and stop to take the time to understand more of our world not just prey on it because we can. I pray the blossoming of Love Jesus, Buddha and many others have shown us, is ready to flower❣️🌈

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